paintlessdentGot a dent? Of course you do. From hail to a parking lot door ding, everybody gets them. But here’s the good news. Drivers no longer have to wrestle with the not insignificant cost of removing them with suction or fillers. At Top Gun we’ve developed a low-cost way to remove minor dents at up to one-fourth the cost.

Here’s our secret. Most of the cost behind dent repair comes from refinishing the surface covered by filler or damaged by suction to make it match the factory finish. At Top Gun Collision Repair in Frederick, MD we have refined a method of “massaging” a dent back into shape from the inside. If the paint isn’t damaged, it’s considerably faster and cheaper.

Damaged Paint?

If the paint is broken, you can still count on TopGun’s decade-long expertise in auto body painting to restore your dented surface to its original shape and shine.