rockville bodyshopEquipped for all types of repairs

We  pride ourselves on obtaining  I-Car Gold & ASE Auto Body repair certifications. This enables  you peace of mind while your vehicle is in for repairs at our facility. In addition to the technician and shop certifications, also be at ease knowing that our well trained staff will be using the most up to date, state of the art technology available.

Rest easy knowing that TopGun Collision Experts have invested in the most up to date repair technology to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Frame / Unibody Measuring and Repair

Our Frame and Unibody equipment sounds like something straight out of the high tech movies or games.  Our  3D,  laser guided unibody and frame measuring computer system will bring your vehicle back to its original OEM specifications. It is so precise, it measures in millimeters (1 millimeter is about the thickness of a penny.) This system is  used in unison with our 4 tower, electronic hydraulic, frame/unibody straightening machine. Our straightening and aligning system is so advanced, our technicians watch in real time while performing the repairs.

Welding and Bonding

Another key factor in bringing your vehicle back to pre-accident condition is the use of our OEM certified  squeeze type resistance spot welder. Using this specific welder allows us to offer the same welds used by the OEM manufactures at the factory. TopGun’s welding technology covers all types of welding. This includes, plastics, metal, aluminum, and the newest of Super High Strength steels. In addition, our panel bonding equipment and procedures allow us to repair all types of vehicles, land and sea. From Corvette’s, BMW’s, Audi’s, and Viper’s, to personal watercrafts (Yamaha Waverunners, Jet Skis, Seadoos ) jet boats, center console boats, and Pontoons.

Bumper and Plastic Repair

With some OEM bumper covers costing well over $500 just for the cover alone, it is sometimes more cost effective to repair your original damaged bumper cover. With having most PPE and PPV types of bumper repair plastic available in stock, we can repair bumper covers with all types of damage. Using a combination of heat, plastic welding and plastic bonding,  we can perform an advanced repair on all types of bumpers, moldings, etc. From large push ins, deformities, cracks and tears, and ripped tabs, we can provide the necessary repair backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Air Conditioning

About 65% of autobody repairs are performed on the front of the vehicle. In some cases, the air conditioning system may be damaged or compromised. In the event that TopGun performs repairs on you’re A/C system, please know that we use the most up to date A/C equipment during our repairs. We also use special dyes and infrared light equipment to spot the smallest of leaks.

Hail Damage

In the rare event you are the victim of hail damage, we here at TopGun can take care of it. From the insurance claim all the way to the delivery of your prize ride, We can take care of the entire process. Most insurance carriers are not trained in the proper hail damage repair techniques. Most will either guess or carry a very generic hail key form to estimate the repairs. Our database includes repairs for hail damage. Most of the time hail damage can be repaired with a combination of remove and re-install trim and interior panels with paintless dent removal. In some cases, the hail damaged areas will require a combination of replacement of panels/trim, traditional repair and paint, and some paintless dent removal. Please rest assure knowing that we have a certified, well trained, and very experienced paintless dent repair tech ready for the most challenging of hail claims. Our seasoned tech has removed over one thousand hail dings on a just a single vehicle.

rockville bodyshop2Suspension Repair

Whether your suspension was damaged in a collision or from that pot hole or curb that came out of nowhere, we are here to fix it. Our 3D laser frame and unibody measuring system also includes most suspension components on vehicles. In most cases, we can measure a specific part on the suspension with our lasers and mirrors to see if it is damaged or in the correct specifications. We follow up all suspension repairs with a laser measured wheel alignment. In the event your vehicle was damaged close to the suspension, or your wheels/tires were impacted, we can also provide alignment checks as well.

Corrosion Protection

There is something else we here at TopGun take very seriously. You can have the most expensive equipment, best trained employees, the biggest repair facility, and still end up with a compromised repair. This is something the shiniest of repairs will not show. We are talking about necessary corrosion protection following any repair. When performing any repair, TopGun Collision Experts will apply the necessary corrosion protection in several different ways. Depending on the type of repair performed, we use  a series of waxes, chip guards, rubberized undercoating, and sealers to complete our highest quality repair.

In addition to our corrosion protection following repairs, we also offer corrosion prevention to new and old vehicles. With our special application equipment, we can apply a series of corrosion inhibitors to help prevent any future rust or corrosion problems. Please ask your repair planner for a quote if interested in additional or new protection.

FREE Computerized Estimates

free computerized estimate

Each vehicle estimate is written on our advanced collision estimating system. Our well trained, certified estimators will use their dual monitor 3D Graphics estimating software to provide each customer with a printed or emailed detailed estimate for repairs. Updated weekly, our estimating software has the most current vehicle information available. This includes all OEM parts prices and database labor times.

Rest easy knowing that TopGun Collision Experts have invested in the most up to date repair technology to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.