TopGun technicians at our Rockville location are trained and have the equipment for complete auto body painting and repair. So when it comes to detailing, we are more than qualified to find and remove dust, dirt, grime, mold and other materials dulling your vehicle’s showroom shine. We shampoo carpets, restore leather, refinish vinyl, and make windows seem to disappear. Outside, TopGun Techs polish headlights, clean all plastic parts, wipe door jams, treat tires (including curb rash), and scrub wheel wells.

When it comes to wash, wax and polish, TopGun’s deep knowledge of auto body painting makes us your finishing specialists.  Our high-speed buff and polish utilizes a small pad with rubbing compound to clean out years of accumulated impurities in your car’s clear coat. Though it appears shiny, when viewed under a microscope the clear coat is actually porous, allowing dirt to penetrate and eventually break it down. TopGun’s high-speed buffer reaches into the clear coat and removes the dirt, halting the process.  Our deep buffing also avoids the swirl pattern often seen in more superficial polishes. We then apply wax and buff to bring back your factory finish.

Prices are competitive, but vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. Please call or stop by one of our two convenient locations for a no obligation quote.

Pick Up & Drop Off Service

Pick up and Drop Off service is available within a five mile radius of our locatioins in Frederick or Rockville, MD!